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Grant Advisers Europe was established to help innovative projects secure grant funding from the European Union (EU) and other funding bodies.

In these times of profound environmental and social challenges, we need to harness our collective skills, knowledge and resources to create innovative and pragmatic solutions. We have had the privilege to work with leading international technology, infrastructure and medical companies, not-for-profit organisations and government bodies.
Our mission is to leverage our extensive experience and networks to help craft new innovative solutions, tell their story and gain the funding needed to improve our world. Learn more about our team and what we can do for you.
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Ieva has driven growth in organisations for two decades with her expertise in crafting persuasive narrative-driven marketing, grant and tender proposals.

Having started her career in Australia, she has since travelled the world and built an extensive portfolio of successful grant and proposal writing for leading organisations in Europe, United Kingdom, United States and  Asia Pacific.


She possesses a unique combination of creative talent in developing engaging materials, strategic thinking rooted in market research, and practical project management skills.


Ieva excels at simplifying complex concepts, articulating distinct value propositions, and captivating audiences with compelling stories.

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Ieva Ozolina
Founder & Director
Grant Writers Europe

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Meet the leadership team

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Alex Frankel


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Alex is a highly experienced and influential communications specialist who has dedicated the last thirty years of his career to shifting public opinion and shaping national narratives with leading organisations from the UK, Australia and the Asia Pacific.

He has a remarkable ability to simplify complex topics so that anyone can understand them and the creativity to deliver reports in a compelling and engaging manner.

His skill in delivering persuasive presentations has seen him lead influential social and market research companies and successful national marketing campaigns. His astute ability to translate research makes Alex an invaluable asset for delivering strategic advice to our clients.

Dr. Paula Bresciani is an accomplished scientific writer known for her skills in writing winning grant proposals. She has won several grants from European Research Council and European Innovation Council for startups, SMEs, research centers, and corporates. Paula has strong, established networks across Europe, the United Kingdom, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.

With a background in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Cellular Metabolism, Paula possesses an in-depth understanding of Physiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and various fields in Life Sciences. She has also contributed as a scientific books editor and advisor, lending her expertise to research, writing, and editing scientific publications and books.

Paula's ability to convey rigorous scientific content and translate complex concepts makes her an invaluable asset in creating impactful grant applications.

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Dr. Paula Bresciani

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