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Securing Funding for Domestic Violence Women's Shelters

For many non-profit organisations, securing grant funding can be daunting, particularly for an underfunded grassroots domestic violence women's shelter, which lacks the time, resources and skills for this vital task.  We secured this organisation's funding and provided strategic advice to ensure its future viability.


Our client has supported survivors of domestic violence for over 30 years by providing shelter, counselling, and other necessary resources. Funding is a constant struggle, which is why they turned to us to write an exemplary grant response and provide strategic advice to help secure longer-term funding.


This organisation had a long and proven track record of providing safe and stable accommodation to women and children fleeing domestic violence. Still, they needed help to expand their services and support programs. Particularly after the Covid-19 lockdowns, when there was a surge in demand for their services.


The primary challenge for this grant proposal was to clearly articulate the need for funding that aligned with the grant guidelines. The grant application needed to prove the societal impact of providing transportation, education, and job training to survivors of domestic violence.


The grant proposal team approached this challenge by researching the community's needs, local government policies and regulations around domestic violence, success stories from other domestic violence women's shelters, and ways to engage with the local community to create an effective support system. We also identified opportunities to collaborate with other organisations and community groups to leverage resources and increase impact.


We successfully gained funding for the domestic violence women's shelters to increase their comprehensive range of services. They partnered with other organisations to expand education, job training, and other support services, which increased the shelters' impact and reach in the community.

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