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Securing Horizon Europe Funding for a Mobile X-ray Device

Our team was pivotal in securing substantial grant funding for a cutting-edge mobile X-ray machine. By working closely with the client, we created a thorough and compelling grant proposal that resulted in successful EIC funding, which will significantly enhance the safety of patient care in hospitals.


Hospitals and clinics face a difficult challenge in reducing the risks associated with moving patients, as alarmingly, almost 70% result in adverse effects and 8% lead to potentially fatal outcomes. Many of these risks occur during patient transfers to the radiology department, including the dislocation of patient tubes and hazards associated with moving patients from beds to scanner beds. Moreover, long-term exposure to X-ray radiation can result in permanent DNA damage and an increased risk of developing cancer.


Our client had an innovative solution to create a compact and transportable X-ray device that generates reduced radiation doses and can be used in critical areas like Operating Rooms, Emergency Rooms, and ICUs without moving patients.


The biggest challenge was securing funds from the highly competitive European Union's EIC Accelerator program to scale up the X-ray prototype production and design the marketing strategy.


Our client grappled with other hurdles, including limited time and experience in preparing proposals that adhere to beyond the cutting-edge technology development standards set by the European Union. This included tackling an extensive questionnaire, devising a detailed business plan, formulating a market penetration strategy, and creating a compelling 3-minute video presentation.


We took a thorough approach by working closely with the team's subject matter experts to conduct a SWOT analysis and define the goals, objectives, and restrictions that align with the EIC Program. We carefully mapped out the project's value chain, key stakeholders, work packages, anticipated risks, and mitigating measures. Our team devised the budget and conducted thorough market research about the product.

Throughout the process, we maintained an ongoing and productive collaboration with the client, refining and tailoring the project proposal to clearly align the EU guidelines with the client's specific requirements. We also established robust project monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure the project remained on track.

We created visually captivating slides and oversaw the production of an engaging video that effectively conveyed the product's value to the market, emphasising the need for smaller X-ray blocks and the significant benefits this innovation would bring patients. Finally, we outlined the key steps required to successfully bring this groundbreaking innovation to market.


Our formidable grant proposal resulted in successful EIC funding that propelled the development of a smaller and safer x-ray monobloc, substantially enhancing the quality of patients' lives. This groundbreaking system provides unparalleled transportability and emits significantly lower radiation levels, improving patient well-being and safety.

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X-Ray Results
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