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Finding Grant Funding for International Refugee Advocacy Group

At the heart of a great grant proposal is a compelling story and its ability to convey an organisation's impact. We created these key elements to help secure funding for this organisation's important work.


Our client is a leading international refugee advocacy group whose mission is to advocate for refugee and asylum seeker rights. They needed to secure funding to continue their essential work across the globe. However, securing funding was particularly challenging due to the perceived political nature of their work in many countries.


Through our dedicated research, we identified a handful of international funding opportunities through private philanthropic and public grants. These were highly competitive. We recognised the challenge was not only to develop a robust grant application but to make sure we told a compelling story to stand out from the crowd.


We decided to focus on a simple and compelling story that focused on the proven positive outcomes of their work supported by numerous personal case studies.


We told the organisation's story through powerful personal narratives. We knew that conveying the real-world impact of their work was essential, and one of the most effective ways of doing that was through highlighting individual refugee stories.


Next, we ensured that the goals and outcomes were realistic and feasible. We provided clear, measurable outcomes that were achievable within the grant period. 


Lastly, we identified the strengths of the organisation and emphasised how they would leverage these strengths to maximise their impact. We highlighted the team's diversity and expertise as an asset that would allow them to provide unparalleled advocacy impact for refugees around the world.


Through careful planning and powerful narrative development, we helped secure long-term funding that enabled the organisation to increase staff and its geographical reach and, most importantly, they now have a more significant impact on the lives of refugees worldwide.

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