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Digital population health solution to improve global health outcomes

We helped a small but world-renowned not for profit health organisation tell its compelling story and secure funding to expand its proven digital population health solution to an international audience.


In the dynamic landscape of global health, effectively managing population health has become increasingly complex. Traditional health screening and vaccination management often fall short in terms of cost-effectiveness, scalability, and real-time data analysis.


The challenge was to help this well-established and internationally reputable organisation secure a grant to expand a comprehensive, efficient, and data-driven health screening system from a national to an international digital solution. This system has already proven its value in handling large populations, providing real-time insights, and seamlessly integrating with existing healthcare infrastructures. It was time to scale this solution for the benefit of larger populations.


We developed a robust grant development strategy using the following key principles:

  1. Define the scope and need: We clearly articulated the unique value proposition of their digital population health solution and how it will substantially improve health outcomes. We worked with subject matter experts to emphasise empirical data to underscore the severity of the issue and the need for a broad scale digital solution.

  2. Develop a robust project plan: We developed a thorough plan with SMART objectives, realistic timelines, and clear deliverables. 

  3. Demonstrate impact: We provided a powerful story on the solution's impact on broader population health using strong visuals, quantitative predictions and qualitative narratives to convey its effectiveness.

  4. Partnerships and Collaborations: We highlighted their strong reputation and partnerships with other organisations, institutions, or agencies. This demonstrates broad support for the project and its likely success.

  5. Monitoring and evaluation plan: We provided a robust plan for monitoring progress and evaluating the project's success.


A successful grant proposal for a digital population health solution convincingly demonstrates its potential for a significant, sustainable impact on broader population health by providing a compelling narrative backed by feasible and robust plans.


Our joint efforts resulted in funding that allowed the client to transform their health management platform and significantly contribute to global health.

Governments and research institutions worldwide will benefit from their solution that delivers real-time data insights and improved ease of use, leading to proactive interventions, optimised resource utilisation, and better health outcomes.

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