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At Grant Advisers Europe, we know the power that well-crafted grant and tender proposals can have for projects to gain the investment they need to have a lasting impact on our world.

In the following case studies, you will find a collection of our successful grant and tender proposals that have resulted in substantial funding for a wide range of projects. Explore our case studies and discover how our professional services can make your funding goals a reality.

Our team was pivotal in securing substantial grant funding for a cutting-edge mobile X-ray machine.  By working closely with the client, we created a thorough and compelling grant proposal that resulted in successful EIC funding, which will profoundly enhance the quality of patient care in hospitals.

Person showing X-ray results
People walking on the street

We helped a small, world-renowned not for profit health organisation tell its compelling story and secure funding to expand its proven digital population health solution to an international audience.

At the heart of a great grant proposal is a compelling story and its ability to convey an organisation's impact. We created these key elements to help secure funding for this organisation's important work.

Person looking at a city with arms stretched out
Person working on their computer at home

We successfully delivered an IT consultancy group's tender to secure a major government digital transformation project. We developed a comprehensive proposal that positioned them as industry experts with a customised solution designed specifically for the client's needs through a clear and compelling narrative.

We worked with a consortium of leading international infrastructure companies to win a landmark bid to build a new metro tunnel and multiple train stations.

Person on metro train smiling
Person on bus traveling with headphones

With our help, a local bus company won several government tenders, beating major international competition by delivering highly tailored and persuasive tender responses.

For many non-profit organisations, securing grant funding can be daunting, particularly for an underfunded grassroots domestic violence women's shelter, which lacks the time, resources and skills for this vital task. We secured this organisation's funding and provided strategic advice to ensure its future viability.

Mother and a Child lying on a bed
Girl Eating Watermelon

Through our strategic approach and expertise, we successfully secured grant funding for a children's healthy eating program.
Overcoming the challenges of limited resources and intense competition, we crafted an engaging grant proposal highlighting the program's importance and how it will positively impact communities.

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